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I was very excited to finally have my own assigned seats. I no longer attend games in M stadium but will attend a tailgate party every other year. I am desperately looking to buy a Mr. My 5-year old is an M Go Blue Kids Club member, and he was excited that he got a ticket offer and wanted to take his 2 cousins to a game. Until recently I was drowning in the sea of self-criticism and imaginary judgement of others.

by Brad Warner

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TV networks loved showing blimp shots of the sold-out Big House — one of the iconic sights in college football. I get it that times and TV have changed virtually everything about game day at UM and every other big time college athletic program. If not, I have to drive thru Dunkin Donuts and tell them how I want it made and hope they get it right. It became too expensive for our friends to come, pushing us to the secondary market where we learned that we were total suckers. My only critique is that I think you let Bill Martin off the hook way too easily. Michigan football has been mediocre at best for the last 10 years.

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Why roll out of bed for a noon game when you can watch it in HD in your jammies? They all owned at least 50 other seats in the same section and rows, most never missing a game for as long as they lived. Ever since Wawa became so automated, their food quality has sucked. Michigan football has performed poorly, and everything stems from that. More sodium than a healthy human should consume. Wawa's chicken salad is the best around, IMO.
What does that have to do with a monastery? Well written article that should give all college football fans reason to pause. The Packers were sold out with a 20 year wait list even when they only won 4 games a year due to loyalty. Coach Carr once spoke to this regarding the luxury suites. Texas is the most profitable NCAA football program. Probably it would not… But I am going to thank you for the book anyway.

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